The design and content of your website makes a statement about your Twin Cities business. If it does a poor job of explaining what you do and how you help your customers, potential clients are less likely to make a purchase or schedule an appointment. Incorporating web video into your online marketing strategy is one of the best ways to build value for potential clients and convert them into customers.

Web videos are short, professional videos packed with high-interest, relevant, and actionable content. Though length varies, most web videos are only a few minutes long. Use them in a variety of ways to help educate your potential and current clients. Videos can explain a service or product, highlight an offer, promote an event, or provide information about your company.


Web Videos for Customer Conversion

Web video is a powerful customer conversion tool. An industry survey found that 64 to 85 percent of people who watch a web video promoting a product or service are more likely to buy that product or service. Another survey revealed 88 percent of participating companies that used video on their product pages reported an increase in customer conversion.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but an engaging web video can often explain your product or service better than images and text alone. It can even stand in for more formal sales content, such as a sales letter or generic product images and descriptions. Some companies find a fantastic, single web video is more effective homepage content for converting customers than the more conventional combination of images and text.

Getting Started on a Web Video

Though uploading and promoting your web video online is free on YouTube and social media, don’t skimp on your video’s production. A poorly made video is a marketing liability, not an asset. Instead, work with a professional videographer who will recommend the video techniques that will best fit for your project and deliver a high-definition video that packs the most punch in just a few minutes.

Whether you already have a plan for your next video or have a great concept but no idea how to get started, contact Kirk Douglas today. Kirk will work with you to plan and deliver a professional web video that will help you turn viewers into customers.

Using video in your training regimen is a great way to engage new and seasoned employees. Training videos can be used for years to come. But we’ve all been victims of poorly done training videos that feel outdated, cover too much information, and put us to sleep.Blog_20150414_1380003_73116413 small

Training videos don’t have to be a bore. There are several ways to organize your training content and produce videos that engage your employees while you instruct them.

Decide on a Type of Video

Video is extremely flexible. You can produce a video on-location with actors or with your own employees. You can use animation and screenshots, too. To decide what type of training video is right for your company, you need to consider the content of your training.

  • Presenter videos. Presenter videos are great for turning an existing in-person training into a video. All that’s required is the space, the presenter, and a script for him or her to follow. Adding a slide deck can make a presenter video more engaging.
  • Demonstration videos. Demonstration videos are perfect for showing a process or explaining how a product works. Use them to train employees in how to use your company’s software or demonstrate products to clients.
  • Animations. Use videos with animation as an alternative to presenter videos. There’s no need to hire actors or rent a studio for an animated video. Animated videos are highly engaging, too.
  • Role-play videos. Role-play videos work well when your training covers interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. Use them to train employees in how to handle tough clients or workplace conflicts.

Consider Your Audience

Once you have decided on the type of video that works best for your training, consider your audience. Plan ahead and organize the information in your videos. If your video is lengthy, consider breaking it down into several shorter videos. If that’s not possible, edit your video to eliminate all non-essential information. A shorter, succinct video will hold your audience’s attention better.

Mixing up techniques can also make a video more engaging. For example, break up a voiced-over demonstration video with a segment with a presenter or an animation. Use a role-play video within a presenter video.

Videos are great training tools, but good ones require a professional touch. To get help with your next training video, contact Kirk Douglas today.


Blog_20152010_18249541_sWhether you’re a seasoned Minnesota business owner or just starting out, chances are you’ve put a lot of thought into your company’s core values, culture, and brand. Your corporate identity is one your major assets, so why not show it off? Creating a professional video that explains your core values and what makes your company unique.

What Is Corporate Identity?

Your corporate identity encompasses more than just your logo, business card, and brochure. It also includes your company’s core values and culture.

Determining your corporate identity not only helps you set goals and hire the right employees, it is also a valuable marketing tool. Use it on your website, at trade shows, and even in meetings with clients to show what you do and how you do it.

Here are five ways you can use video to showcase your corporate identity.
1. Build Your Brand

Many companies already use video to share their brand, but most do not take full advantage of all corporate video has to offer. Instead of regurgitating the information on your brochure or sales sheet, dig a little deeper into why you do what you do and share that with your audience. Be sure to include a clear explanation of the services you offer and the types of clients you work with.

2. Show Off Your Facility

Sometimes, a company’s facility is integral to the client experience. Restaurants, hotels, senior living facilities, fitness centers, office furniture suppliers, and a host of other businesses live or die by the quality of their facility or showroom. A well-design space is a selling point for clients and prospects. Use video to show off your facility before they visit.

3. Build Your Reputation

Video is a valuable tool to build your company’s reputation or show off an already outstanding one. Showcase a recent success you’ve had or how your company contributes to your community. Ask clients to share testimonials on-camera.

4. Recruit the Right Applicants

Corporate video can be useful in the hiring process, too. Use it to explain your company’s values or share a day in the life of a typical employee. Include a welcome message from your president and interviews with key players in your organization.

5. Show Off Your Sustainability

Your company’s environmental footprint is increasingly important to consumers today. If your company has a sustainability plan or finds your clients really care about the impact you make on the environment, consider highlighting your sustainability in a short video.

There many ways to use video to build your brand and share your values. A professional Twin Cities video production company can work with you to design and produce an engaging, high-quality corporate video. Contact Kirk Douglas today to get started.

Got Slides?

Archive your 35mm slides and enjoy those memories again!Transferring your 35mm slide memories to hard drive, thumb drive or disc is a great way to preserve, view and share those memories. We are celebrating our business anniversary with a special that provides you with high-resolution images on your choice of media.


$29.95 setup fee plus $0.40 per slide.  Price includes DVD.  You provide the thumb drive or hard drive with enough space to store your images. Call Kirk, 651-405-3130 for more details.


Photographs are one of our greatest tools in preserving precious memories and our family history. Modern technology allows us to take and store photos on more devices than we ever dreamed of, but many of us still have a large collection of physical photographs. If you are looking for a way to store your photograph collection, you should consider digitizing them. When you digitize photos, you can store thousands of pictures at one time on discs, memory cards, thumb drives, or even the cloud.

Read on to learn why you should digitize your old photos.

1. Reduce Clutter

One of the major inconveniences of paper mediums such as photographs is how much physical space they can take up. The photographs accumulated over the years can fill dozens of boxes, and it may become difficult to store all of them. Digitizing your photos allows you to fit thousands of photos into a small disc or drive, freeing up space and reducing clutter in your home.

2. Protect Photographs From the Elements

Physical photographs are notoriously susceptible to damage. Exposure to heat, moisture, or direct sunlight can cause photographs to warp, tear, or fade. Even the most carefully stored photos are only temporary and will wear down over time. When you digitize photos, you create a virtual copy of the photo that can withstand the test of time.

3. Easily Share Memories With Friends & Family

Digitized photos make sharing photos easier than ever. In the past, sharing a photo with a friend or family member meant paying to have more copies of a photo created, or parting with one of your own copies. Now, thanks to digital photos, you can share photos using e-mail, social media, or uploading copies onto a disc or drive.

If you would like to digitize photos from your collection, contact Kirk Douglas Video Productions in Saint Paul, MN. For nearly 15 years their video editing team has offered residents of the area video production services and digital media transfers. To learn more about their photo digitization services or to hire one of their professional video editors, call  (651) 405-3130 or visit the Kirk Douglas Video Productions website today.

Heidi & Jeremy planned a dream wedding and had fun with family and friends throughout their event.  It was a special event for all who participated.  Kirk Douglas Video Productions was hired to record this truly memorable day.  Kirk went about capturing the few “must be included” items for their video.  Even though they did not plan on a loud siren during their vows, the ceremony went off beautifully and they enjoyed the full atmosphere of a roof-top wedding.

Thank you Heidi & Jeremy for asking me to videotape your wedding and thank you for allowing me to share your video here.


Many of us have a designated cabinet in our home that houses row after row of old VHS movies. While we cherish the nostalgia that comes from rewinding each tape manually after watching, the fact of the matter is that VHS cassettes take up too much space—not to mention, DVD players are now much more widely used.

VHS to DVD Transfer

Video to DVD Transfer

But don’t fret if your VHS collection has film you’re not quite ready to part with. VHS to DVD conversion can save the day. A reliable local video production company can process your VHS tapes and use simple technology to quickly transfer each of them to a more compact DVD form. For those in Saint Paul, MN, the team of video production experts at Kirk Douglas Video Productions can transfer all of your old movies to an 100-year scratch-resistant archive DVD format, preserving valuable memories, saving you time, space, and money on a movie collection that may otherwise have gone to waste.


One of the greatest benefits of moving from VHS to DVD is that you can ask the video production team to use the transfer software to cut down, edit, or distill any content that may be taking up too much room. Having complete control of your film makes it easy to only keep what you really want, saving you tons of space in the long run.

VHS to DVD Transfer

Preserve your video media to DVD

Another useful benefit of transferring your content from VHS to DVD is that you can order multiple copies of your film. If you’re working with footage that you’d like to share with others or is too valuable to risk losing, keeping multiple copies on hand will reduce the chances of wasting precious moments due to VHS component failure. Another method for sharing, is to have your films converted to computer files that may be easily shared across computers, the cloud and YouTube.

If you’ve still got a collection of VHS videos, it’s time to pack them up and replace them with modern, slim, easy-to-manage DVD discs. If you’re a resident of Saint Paul, MN, give the trained video production experts at Kirk Douglas Video Productions a call at (651) 405-3130 or visit them online today.

Just about every industry benefits from video production services, from fast food training to corporate presentations. It’s a great medium for engaging peoples’ attention and getting a lot of information across in an efficient amount of time. But which video production company is best for the job? That depends on your needs, as each company has its specializations and strengths. If hiring a video production service is on your to-do list, Kirk Douglas Video Productions in Saint Paul, MN, recommends considering the following points when making your selection.

Identify Pro Specializations

Video Production

Corporate video increases sales, saves time and money.

If you look at your project purely from the standpoint of shooting and editing, then most professional video production companies could do a decent job—but why just settle for decent? If you’re going to the trouble of seeking out a professional, you’ll want to find someone that truly excels at the type of video you’re creating. For example, Kirk Douglas Video Services is passionate about producing captivating and entertaining corporate, training, and event videos—all while showcasing your brand in the best possible light.


Research the Market & Budget Accordingly

A professional video production company produces polished and high-caliber content, with your input and interests in full consideration. With proper lighting, equipment, and seasoned expertise, the best companies have a lot to offer. Don’t just go for the organization with the lowest rate—instead, opt for someone who delivers the best results. As you conduct your search for the best video production company, it will help to gather several estimates—these will give you an idea of what the local video editing market is like and help determine a realistic budget for your professionally produced content.

Video Production

How to Find the Best Video Production Company

Ready to showcase your brand, connect with customers, or onboard your newest team members with flair? Kirk Douglas Video Productions will help make it happen! With creative and engaging video production services, optimized for the web or TV screen, they’re at your service. Call (651) 405-3130 for more information, or visit the Saint Paul, MN, video production company online.


Preserve and protect your video tape media to 100-year scratch-resistant archive DVD’s.  A smart move, even if you are moving your media to digital files on your computer or the cloud.  Hard drives will fail and don’t trust the cloud with your only copy.

We provide our 15 years experience and professional equipment to provide you a great package containing your treasured memories. Click, the following image, to find out what is included!

If you have questions, contact us at:


Video Production projects can be daunting and it can be difficult to know how to get started.  My free consultation includes determining your video production goals, setting the scope of the project, preparing a plan for the entire project and defining the end product that you envision receiving. Give me a call or email me to schedule your consultation appointment.


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