Corporate Video Production Services

Kirk Douglas Productions Corporate Video250

Kirk is an expert corporate video producer.

Companies require a special kind of eye when it comes to video production.  Protecting the brand and making sure the quality is second to none is a high priority and nobody is better than Kirk Douglas.


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Kirk Douglas Productions Web Video250

Web video has a special place in video production.

Understanding angles and framing is critical to web video production.  Making sure the capture is in High Definition but streams easily is another important key.

Kirk understands these unique aspects of web video.

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Kirk Douglas Productions Traning Video250

Training videos are often boring and lifeless.

The right producer can bring the training to life even when the instructor is a little on the mellow side.

Make sure your next training video holds as much of the viewers attention as it does quality training content.

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Kirk Douglas Productions Event Video250

Events take a lot of effort to coordinate both from the event planning side and the video production side.

Understanding lighting, settings, background impact and balance are all key elements.

You worked hard to produce a great event, make sure your video works hard to show it.

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Home Video Production Services

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