Video Transfer Services in St. Paul, MN

DVD Transfer Project Includes:

Video transfers include a professional quality transfer to the media of your choice:

  • DVD (included)
  • BluRay (included)
  • Hard drive (customer provides)
  • Thumb drive (customer provides)
  • Cloud

Each DVD transfer includes a 100-year scratch-resistant disk, scene selection menu, printed label and a case with case wrap. Ask us about additional options for your Video Transfer projects.

Pricing is based on two-hour recordings, which is what will fit onto a disc. If your recordings exceed 2 hours, then each 2 hour segment is considered as a transfer. If you have shorter recordings, those recordings may be combined, up to 2 hours, when you identify the order or sequence of the segments.

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For video transfer that will capture all the memories and special moments, have Kirk Douglas Video at your side.

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Consumer Video Formats

VHS Transfers
VHSc Transfers
Hi8, 8mm, Digital8 Transfers
Mini-DV/HDV Transfers
DVCAM Transfers
Betamax Transfers
SD Card Transfers
Flip Camera Transfers
Hard Drive Cameras

Consumer Video Transfer Pricing


Standard Definition Rates
01-10 tapes       $ 19.95 per tape + st
11-20 tapes      $ 14.95 per tape + st
21 and above    $ 12.95 per tape + st



High-Definition to DVD Rates
01-10 tapes      $ 29.95 per tape + st
11-20 tapes      $ 24.95 per tape + st
21 and above    $ 22.95 per tape + st



High-Definition to Blu-Ray Rates
01-10 tapes      $ 39.95 per tape + st
11-20 tapes      $ 34.95 per tape + st
21 and above    $ 32.95 per tape + st

Commercial Video Formats

3/4” Umatic Transfers
BetaSP Transfers
Betacam/Digibeta Transfers




Commercial Video Pricing

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Nov. 2016
Video Transfer to DVD, BluRay, and hard drive
Lee Beecher, M.D. and Mary Jane Heinen, Ph.D. – 5 Stars!
We highly recommend Kirk Douglas. He came to our home, listened carefully and sympathetically to our stories, and came up with a great work plan to make permanent DVDs of many years of family films and tapes. Kirk is a meticulous and very skilled professional.

Video to DVD Transfer St Paul MN