Many of us have a designated cabinet in our home that houses row after row of old VHS movies. While we cherish the nostalgia that comes from rewinding each tape manually after watching, the fact of the matter is that VHS cassettes take up too much space—not to mention, DVD players are now much more widely used.

VHS to DVD Transfer

Video to DVD Transfer

But don’t fret if your VHS collection has film you’re not quite ready to part with. VHS to DVD conversion can save the day. A reliable local video production company can process your VHS tapes and use simple technology to quickly transfer each of them to a more compact DVD form. For those in Saint Paul, MN, the team of video production experts at Kirk Douglas Video Productions can transfer all of your old movies to an 100-year scratch-resistant archive DVD format, preserving valuable memories, saving you time, space, and money on a movie collection that may otherwise have gone to waste.


One of the greatest benefits of moving from VHS to DVD is that you can ask the video production team to use the transfer software to cut down, edit, or distill any content that may be taking up too much room. Having complete control of your film makes it easy to only keep what you really want, saving you tons of space in the long run.

VHS to DVD Transfer

Preserve your video media to DVD

Another useful benefit of transferring your content from VHS to DVD is that you can order multiple copies of your film. If you’re working with footage that you’d like to share with others or is too valuable to risk losing, keeping multiple copies on hand will reduce the chances of wasting precious moments due to VHS component failure. Another method for sharing, is to have your films converted to computer files that may be easily shared across computers, the cloud and YouTube.

If you’ve still got a collection of VHS videos, it’s time to pack them up and replace them with modern, slim, easy-to-manage DVD discs. If you’re a resident of Saint Paul, MN, give the trained video production experts at Kirk Douglas Video Productions a call at (651) 405-3130 or visit them online today.