The design and content of your website makes a statement about your Twin Cities business. If it does a poor job of explaining what you do and how you help your customers, potential clients are less likely to make a purchase or schedule an appointment. Incorporating web video into your online marketing strategy is one of the best ways to build value for potential clients and convert them into customers.

Web videos are short, professional videos packed with high-interest, relevant, and actionable content. Though length varies, most web videos are only a few minutes long. Use them in a variety of ways to help educate your potential and current clients. Videos can explain a service or product, highlight an offer, promote an event, or provide information about your company.


Web Videos for Customer Conversion

Web video is a powerful customer conversion tool. An industry survey found that 64 to 85 percent of people who watch a web video promoting a product or service are more likely to buy that product or service. Another survey revealed 88 percent of participating companies that used video on their product pages reported an increase in customer conversion.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but an engaging web video can often explain your product or service better than images and text alone. It can even stand in for more formal sales content, such as a sales letter or generic product images and descriptions. Some companies find a fantastic, single web video is more effective homepage content for converting customers than the more conventional combination of images and text.

Getting Started on a Web Video

Though uploading and promoting your web video online is free on YouTube and social media, don’t skimp on your video’s production. A poorly made video is a marketing liability, not an asset. Instead, work with a professional videographer who will recommend the video techniques that will best fit for your project and deliver a high-definition video that packs the most punch in just a few minutes.

Whether you already have a plan for your next video or have a great concept but no idea how to get started, contact Kirk Douglas today. Kirk will work with you to plan and deliver a professional web video that will help you turn viewers into customers.