Web video is quickly becoming the cornerstone to business marketing & communication strategies. A well done video connects with potential customers, employees, and investors all alike. The content of a web video is as diverse as your imagination. It can be a training/educational segment, promotional piece for your business, products or services, it could promote an upcoming event or can be motivational. The possibilities are endless. Web video can be placed on your company web site, YouTube channel, Facebook and can be used in email marketing. A single investment that can be multiplied by using different delivery methods.

Even though web videos are short in length, they pack a powerful punch to catch the attention of the viewer and strives to lead that viewer into taking action. Planning for these shorter videos is just as important as larger video production projects and involves many of the same decision making steps, production skills, equipment, and in particular, a keen focus on the objectives. Clients we meet that are interested in web video generally fall into two categories. First, they have a well thought out concept and are comfortable with the steps to achieve their goals. Second, those that have a high level idea of what they want but have no idea how to get to the end result.

It doesn’t matter what category you happen to fall in, Kirk will come along side you and your team following your lead and/or offering suggestions for approach, style, and content of your video. Kirk Douglas Video Productions will help create and oversee an effective and efficient video production process.

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